A Summer on Pause: Save Your Summer Amid Coronavirus in Upstate NY

As we settle into a new normal, we are constantly hearing about frustrations around not being able to plan for the future.

Will summer camps open? Should I buy that plane ticket? When will it be safe to get outside and stretch my legs? These are just some of the questions we’re all faced with right now.

With summer just around the corner, we’ve been fielding more and more inquiries for month long rentals for summer 2020. Many families, especially those with small children, are feeling the walls of their small apartment in Brooklyn closing in on them. And, exploring ways to gain access to indoor and outdoor space to navigate the prospect of a summer on PAUSE, have logically drawn them to the Hudson Valley.

While Home Sweet Hudson is typically accustomed to a trend of short term bookings (usually between 2-5 night stays), we have pivoted our business to host longer term stays with extreme caution taken to keep guests, our staff and the local community safe. Please read more about our COVID-19 Response and Plan here.

While the Hudson Valley has exploded as a tourist destination in recent years, some travelers are just now discovering the wonders of Upstate New York. So, we wanted to share some things to keep in mind in planning a summer “up north”:

Respecting the Local Community

As you can imagine, everyone is feeling a sense of heightened sensitivity, anxiety and general confusion at this time. It’s important to remember the we each have our own personal fears, circumstances and beliefs.

There has been an understandable concern around travelers coming from NYC (where the rate of positive COVID-19 tests is 100x more than local rates) who may experiencing minor symptoms of the virus or are asymptomatic carriers; and the potential for spreading the virus through local contact.

While we understand and share the concerns, we have established ways of allowing guests who are willing and able to agree to shelter in place and social distancing guidelines to do while enjoying our properties.

What to Consider

While certain amenities might seem to be expected or assumed, it is important to be clear about what you are looking for and confirm these needs with your host prior to your arrival. Some important considerations might include:

Internet: For anyone who is WFH or has children that are navigating online learning, having access to high-speed internet is going to be extremely important. Speed and method of internet connection can vary based on location in the Hudson Valley. Properties with satellite internet may have data restrictions that cannot be increased until the data renews the following month. This means simple things like email can slow to a snails pace! Be sure to check with your host and you might want to ask for them to run an internet test speed to be sure that the property will suit your needs.

Outdoor Space: Be sure to be specific in your inquires about how much land is included within the property limits. You will also want to prepare for exploring the area by packing light colored, full length clothing for hiking so that you can easily spot ticks—which are prevalent in the area. Be sure to do a full check after any time outdoors.

Please be sure to remember that the same rules around social distancing and face masks apply in the Hudson Valley and to respect these rules at all times. You might want to consider limiting exercise to what you can do on the property or visiting trails on off-peak hours to stagger crowding. Considering a property with a pool or private trails is a great way to ensure that you can stay safe and experience the best of the Hudson Valley.

How to Access Food and Essential Items

Just like business around the country, our local restaurants, bars and businesses are struggling during this time. Many have gotten scrappy and have found new ways to serve guests–from grocery offerings, take out menus, curbside pick up and even pizza dough and cocktail kits! Here is a great database to search for safe, no-contact ways to support our local businesses so that they can be around for your next (post-Coronavirus) visit: https://www.werestillopenhv.com

We advise anyone traveling to the area to bring as much of what they need as they can. For other essential items, Home Sweet Hudson is offering guests delivery service to of essential items so that guests can avoid public places.


Making sure that a property is clean and tidy for a guests arrival is one of the cornerstones of good hospitality. Our new world makes this so much more important—it’s vital. Be sure to ask your host what they are doing to make sure that their property is properly disinfected before and after your stay. For example, Home Sweet Hudson has partnered with Pestmasters of Kingston to institute two day vacancies between each stay as well as an added Risk Mitigation Service which includes disinfecting high risk, high touch surfaces with an EPA approved agent to deactivate the virus and kill bacteria.

For help planning a stay or for more information on any of our properties, please reach out to Home Sweet Hudson from our Contact Us page. Be well and stay safe!

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