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Socially Distant Summer Fun

We have been getting creative this summer! While we continue to navigate our “new normal,” it can be difficult to maintain social distance as people flock to well known outdoor areas and activities. Here are some activities to consider when you’re looking to take the whole family outside for some fresh air and good times: Movie Night at the Drive In: Upstate New York has a number of these relics of another time. We love the nearby one in Hyde Park, where they showed JAWS and Tremor just the other day. We recently caught a show and just before we called in an order of lobster rolls from...

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A Summer on Pause: Save Your Summer Amid Coronavirus in Upstate NY

As we settle into a new normal, we are constantly hearing about frustrations around not being able to plan for the future. Will summer camps open? Should I buy that plane ticket? When will it be safe to get outside and stretch my legs? These are just some of the questions we’re all faced with right now. With summer just around the corner, we’ve been fielding more and more inquiries for month long rentals for summer 2020. Many families, especially those with small children, are feeling the walls of their small apartment in Brooklyn closing in on them. And, exploring ways to gain access...

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The Hudson Valley is One of Airbnb’s 19 Destinations to Visit in 2019

With end of year countdowns and roundups showing up all over your feed this month, it was especially exciting to read this week’s announcement, including the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley in a list of the home sharing platform’s 19 destinations to visit in 2019. With a 100 percent increase in year over year bookings and 130 percent increase in searches of the Hudson Valley, Airbnb shared that “2019 marks the quintessential time to visit this region with the 50th anniversary of Woodstock coming up and many famous musicians and groups rumored to be performing.” Beyond reliving the...

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