Breezeway: Property Care, Operations & Messaging Platform

As we continue to adapt to contactless services, new technology is the rise to meet these needs. And, the vacation rental industry is stepping up their game, fueled by some cutting edge tools that will work their way into every facet of how we welcome guests.

Long ago are the days where a hosts meets their guests at an office with a key or print out binders of home instructions. Instead, these processes have gone all digital. Our team at Home Sweet Hudson has navigated through the new tech pool to find the most effective technologies to enhance guest experiences and increase proactive communication with our homeowners and guests. 

Managing 40+ properties means that we have a steady flow of turnovers, inspections, maintenance work, renovations etc. Breezeway is a Property Care Management Software that has made internal communications a logistical dream! Our account managers, housekeeping staff and maintenance team all work together seamlessly within this platform to maintain quality, safety, and cleanliness throughout our properties.

Recently, we have taken the leap to integrate Breezeway Messaging – which is predominately a guest facing texting service. Texting is the new wave of communication for short term rentals, as it provides efficient and secure communication in the most utilized inbox.

Breezeway Messaging allows us to: 

– Automatically up-sell available days on the back or front end of a reservation to increase reservation length/value.

– Send out scheduled and personalized text messages to our guests. This can include check-in instructions, mid-stay surveys, specialized promotions and much more.

– Encourage guests to report any potential maintenance/housekeeping issues during their stay versus post-stay. This gives us the opportunity to improve guests enjoyment and review ratings.

Our guests will continue to receive important notifications through email as well, but texting has proven to be a successful strategy to communicate with guests in a timely manner. We look forward to utilizing new channels of communication to create unforgettable experiences for our guests who stay with us in the Hudson Valley.

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