Introducing StayFi: Email Capture Technology

While every industry is different, one thing is common amongst all – email addresses are an increasingly valuable commodity. In Vacation Rental Management, growing a companies’ email list is an important element in elevating brand awareness and building loyalty with customers. Not only do emails help facilitate communication regarding trip details, but they also allow us to re-target to our pre-existing guests with deals, promotions and the latest happenings in the Hudson Valley. The problem we face, is that for most OTA sites like AirBnb, we only receive the ability to share links, emails and phone numbers after a booking is confirmed. And furthermore, they only provide us with a temporary email address for the reservationist, only.

Most of our properties sleep an average of 6 or more guests. Let’s say ‘Susan’ books one of our properties through Airbnb. Her contact email address will be pre-populated through AirBnb and only lasts for 14 days after the reservation. After that period ends, we have no valid email address for re-marketing purposes, and we also miss out on getting to know the other 5 guests’ in her party.

Luckily, StayFi has changed the game and has created an innovative way for us to receive guests’ email addresses. StayFi is a web-based service that allows us to ‘capture’ all guests email addresses when they log into a property’s WiFi network. This is made possible by a small access point that simply plugs into the pre-existing router. Upon login, guests will be served a customized splash page when they choose our network; from there they will be asked for their name and email before being redirected to the property’s digital house manual.

We believe StayFi will be hugely beneficial for email capture and marketing. Other benefits of using StayFi include:

  • Every guest is directed to a branded splash page
  • Collect emails from every guest that uses WiFi
  • Send automated drip campaigns to stay in touch with guests long after their trip and encourage re-booking
  • Monitor how many users are on the WiFi (This helps notify us if the guest count is higher than our max capacity)
  • Build a list of repeat guests with their stay history

Technology aside, we are in the business of creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. We believe the more we can customize a guests’ stay and travels thereafter, the better. StayFi will connect us with all of our guests so we can nurture new relationships and continue to stay in the loop with our repeat visitors!

Stay tuned for the latest technology updates within the vacation rental management industry. 

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